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Was Someone in Jaws a Murder Victim?

The answer to this is a probable no, though at the same time, the possibility is still there that the body found in the sand dunes of Provincetown Massachusetts in July of 1974, is that of an extra that can be seen in the movie Jaws. 

This is a body of a woman that was never formally identified, despite having been a big story at the time. 

It was a bloody scene that does not need to be glorified within the pages of this website, though one thing is absolutely clear, they died a cruel and brutal death.

Some efforts had been made to try and make identification impossible, though over the years as the technology of composite imaging, where you recreate the face from the proportions of the bones, got better - so too did the recreations of the images of the Lady of the Dunes.

Got to say, not massive on that name, it's kinda romanticising the the whole being bludgeoned to death thing, so maybe not something we should tart up like that.

Anyway, in 2010 a new composite image was put together to try and spark some memory in someone to try and finally identify them, that image is below. 

In the summer of 2015, a budding Jaws fan, who also lived in New Hampshire where the murder and Jaws were filmed, spotted the face that he had been seeing on billboards as he sat watching it at the cinema for the 40th anniversary of the Jaws release. 


And here they are again from the wider, fuller shot. 

While time has certainly not made solving this crime any easier, it is a case that has received widespread press attention throughout New Hampshire within the USA and great lengths have been taken with various campaigns over the years to try and identify the woman and hopefully give some closure to an otherwise unknowing family. 

While I think that this is certainly a longshot, at best, I like that by placing the face to something very similar within a film like this, it can then be used alongside a composite to try and jog peoples memories of something that would otherwise be lost to the canals of time.

The advances being made in touch DNA are really exciting, it would be good to see this be one of those cases that is cracked by checking the victims DNA against a genealogy database and finding a relative. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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