Buying Confidently In The COVID-19 Era

We currently live within a world of risk assessment where we have to look at everything we do and make sure that we have done everything that we can to minimise any risk of contagions spreading. 

We have looked at our entire process to ensure that we minimise any risks that may exist when ordering an item from us.

Each item that you order is made to order. The blank t-shirt may have been sat on a shelf for a couple of days, but for the most part - where it has been will not matter. 

Your item is printed using a method called DTG - Direct to Garment, it's really cool and is a lot like your printer at home, but for clothes. When your item is printed, the inks that are placed on the garment will need 'curing'.

What this curing process means is that your item is placed on a conveyer belt that passes through a gas powered oven, for the amount of time that is needed to set the inks into the product. It's only about a 2 minute pass, but it is at about 160-180 degrees centigrade. 

This pass is enough to thoroughly clean the garment of what or whom may have come before. 

It is then packaged cleanly by staff and sent out to you.

We would then recommend, if possible to allow the item to air for 24 hours once received prior to trying it on.

We do not recommend washing the item straight away as this will invalidate your right to return the item if there is anything wrong with it. 

Our printing operation is currently working, though with a skeleton crew as things are being adjusted to work with social distancing, so your order may take an extra day or two to be posted. 

 We hope this answers any questions you may have and if not, drop us a message