Well this is awkward!

This is the first post and always destined to be cringe but seems like a good opportunity to also introduce ourselves. 

Off World Tees is the magnum opus of our careers basically. We have spent the last 10+ years working together within another company, and now with futures looking uncertain etc etc, we decided to come together recently and try and do something for ourselves. 

We have worked for companies and alongside influencers over the last few years to help them merchandise their brands, develop and produce products and then try and help them engage with their customers.

The actual process of design and branding, we really enjoy and so we decided that we wanted to try and do this thing for ourselves. Having made some of the bestselling tees on the internet over the last few years, we picked up a lot along the way.

And then we meet the post modern culture reference that exists within brands that are themselves within fiction. They can take on a life of their own beyond their original placement, because we, the fans, bring them into our own cultural references. 

I mean, let's start with the classic Weyland Yutani t shirt, this is a design that has been on a t-shirt for years from several different vendors online for years and is a t-shirt that I myself have, and when you get that nod, or acknowledgement from a fellow human, I tell you what, it makes you warm in your belly. 

So, that's who we are, who are you?