The Top 5 Neo Westerns To Watch Tonight - Redefining An American Standard

The Top 5 Neo Westerns To Watch Tonight - Redefining An American Standard

Western movies are a genre all of their own. From the classic Westerns of John Wayne to the modern Westerns of Clint Eastwood, this type of movie has always been popular with audiences.

Now, a new kind of Western is emerging - the Neo-Western. This type of Western film takes the best elements of the classic Western and updates them for a modern audience.

Neo Westerns can portray the bleakness of America in a way that older Westerns never could. By updating the setting and characters for a modern audience, these movies can show a more 'real' side of America.

They depict a world where violence and lawlessness are the norm, and there is no hope for redemption. This makes for an incredibly powerful viewing experience, one that is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences.

Westerns have been a popular genre for over 100 years, but they were always Westerns of the past - Westerns that took place in a time before modern America

But today Western films are more relevant than ever. In fact, Western films might be one of the most important genres to depict American life and culture because they show what's happening now in a way that is often glossed over by other types of film with a similar kind of mass appeal.

That's why we're counting down our top 5 Neo-Western movies today. Join us as we explore this unique type of Western movie and see just how these films can help us understand modern America better!

Honorary mention as we get started

While Easy Rider is not on our list of top 5 neo-Western Movies, we couldn't not give it a mention considering how defining it was to the genre in the first place.

Released in 1969, Easy Rider was a ground-breaking film that redefined Western movies and paved the way for neo-Westerns. The movie tells the story of two bikers who travel across America in search of freedom and self-discovery

While Westerns are often seen as simple cowboy films, Easy Rider proves that they can be so much more. The movie explores American culture in a way that no other Western has done before, and it's this unique perspective that makes it such an important film in the Western genre.

That said, we felt there were 5 movies we would prefer to watch tonight!

Here are our top 5 Neo-Westerns, in no order:

1: Django Unchained (2012)

In Django unchained, a slave named Django is freed by a bounty hunter named Dr King Schultz. Schultz needs Django's help to find the three brothers who murdered his wife.

Django and Schultz travel to Texas and find the brothers, but they are not prepared for what awaits them there. The brothers are incredibly dangerous, and Django must fight for his life if he wants to survive.

What made Django Unchained such a cult movie was its unflinching portrayal of violence and brutality. This movie is not for the faint of heart, as it shows just how brutal the slave trade was in America with a Quentin Tarantino edge that made it that little bit pantomime, little bit uber violent and big bit cool.

The final scene is nothing but brutal, having Django unleash his fury on the evil plantation owner. It's an incredibly cathartic scene for both the characters in the movie and the audience watching, one that will make you feel like you could take on anything.

2: 3-10 to Yuma (2007)

310 to yuma movie poster

3-10 to YUMA is based on a Western short story written by Elmore Leonard in 1953, although it's updated substantially from the source material. In this Western film, rancher Dan Evans needs money desperately to save his farm.

He gets news that outlaw Ben Wade is coming through town and he plans to capture him and collect money from the 20-dollar bounty that has been placed on him. Though danger looms as another group of men plan to take the outlaw from Dan and Dan must fight for his life if he wants to survive.

Both Western fans and Western haters will be able to enjoy this Western movie, as there is no doubt that it's an incredibly well-made film. It has a solid plot, good characters and great action sequences. It even manages to capture the feel of an old Western classic while updating it enough to make it relevant today

Christian Bale put in a great performance for this Western film, portraying the desperate rancher in a way that makes you really feel for him and his boy.

3: Hell or High Water (2016)

Hell or High water is about two brothers who turn to bank robbery after their family farm was destroyed by drought. One of the brothers is ex-military and he plans each heist with precision while his brother acts as getaway driver.   The movie follows the brothers as they try to outsmart an old sheriff who has been chasing them for years.

While Westerns are often seen as simply cowboy films, this Western movie proves that that doesn't need to be true. Westerns can also explore modern American culture. The story is about two brothers who turn to crime after realizing they won't be able to make it through tough times. It's a familiar Western story, but it can also be seen as an allegory for contemporary America

Jeff Bridges put in a fantastic performance as the old sheriff chasing down the two bank robbers, and he'll surely go down as one of Western film's best modern characters.

4: No Country for Old Men (2007)

no country for old men poster

No country for old men is a Western film set in 1980s Texas. A man finds some money after stumbling upon two dead bodies and he decides to keep it. However, the killers find him, and they won't stop until they get their money back

This Western movie has such an incredibly tense atmosphere that it's almost suffocating. There are few Western movies as gripping as this one, so if you're looking for a Western with a strong story and tension to spare, look no further than No Country for Old Men.

There's no Western character better than Sheriff Ed Tom Bell - portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones - who does his best to bring peace and justice to West Texas. The final scene of the movie with Chigurh is one of the most powerful Western scenes in cinema history.

5: Brimstone (2016)

brimstone poster

Brimstone is a Western movie set in 1800s Dakota. A woman becomes the target of serial killer when she decides to exact revenge on the reverend who ruined her life

It's an incredibly brutal Western movie, so it isn't for the faint-hearted. There are moments of pure Western horror that seem like they're out of another Western altogether, but this only adds to its powerful punch. The strong storyline and fantastic acting - particularly by Dakota Fanning - really makes Brimstone shine as one of Western film's best modern masterpieces.

If you want to see some neo-Westerns (Western movies made past 2000), this is one Western movie you should watch. While Westerns often depict cowboys riding the Western plains, this Western movie proves that Westerns can have a dark and gritty atmosphere.

Our top 5 neo-Western movies are no country for old men, hell or high water, 3-10 to Yuma, Brimstone and Django Unchained.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on Neo Western movies! If you would like to see more articles like this one, please leave us your feedback in the section below.

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