DELUXE One-Eyed Willy's Rum Organic Scoop Neck T-Shirt

Inspired by The Goonies (1985)

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DELUXE Organic Scoop Neck T-Shirt

🔥 Ultra fine weave for an even brighter, sharper print
🔥 Open 'scoop' neck design for ultimate comfort
🔥 100% super-soft combed organic cotton
🔥 Fair Wear accredited
🔥 Climate neutral 'Earth Positive' garment
🔥 PETA approved vegan garment
🔥 Basically... it's deluxe AF! 😂👍

    This Off World Deluxe product features a super bright, super sharp, very long-lasting print on a premium 100% organic, ethical Scoop Neck T-Shirt. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about sizing on this item.

    Our feedback on the sizing is that it is pretty true to the size guide provided, so if you are always an XL, we would say that this would be true with this garment too.

    Geeky Stuff

    The pirate movie Sloth watches while chained in the basement is Errol Flynn's 1935 adventure, Captain Blood.


    The mayor of Astoria, Oregon, has classified June 7 as Goonies Day in honor of the movie, and the city holds an annual celebration.


    Discover this treasure trove of facts about the classic '80s adventure film The Goonies.


    Although Spielberg is listed as a producer of the film, they also directed behind the camera and shot a scene or two.


    One Eye Willie's pirate ship The Inferno, which appears in The Goonies, was a real ship built specifically for the production. 

    After playing the unforgettable master of the Truffle Shuffle Cohen went on to star in several films and television shows, including roles in Family Ties and Wonderful World of Disney.


    The Goonies, starring Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Jeff Cohen, Maggie Green, Jonathan Ke Quan, Martha Plimpton, Joey Pantoliano, Robert Davi and Anne Ramsay, is now over 35 years old!


    When filming wrapped on The Goonies, lead actor Sean Astin was given the battered treasure map used in the film to take home as a souvenir.


    In the confession scene, Jeff Cohen, who plays Chunk, thought of their mother's death to mourn and make it seem as realistic as possible.


    Corey Haim auditioned for the role of Mouth, which eventually went to Corey Feldman.


    Production designer J. Michael Riva thought the treasure map looked too new, so they spent an afternoon aging it to look over 300 years old. After pouring coffee on the map, they wanted to add blood, on the other hand, the props department ran out of paint. In a quick improvisation, Riva cut their finger and dripped their own blood around the edges.


    In the confessional scene, Jeff Cohen, who plays Chunk, thought of their mother's death to make himself cry and make it look as realistic as possible. One-Eyed Willy's skull was made from real bones.

    Richard Donner was hoping to get a real reaction from them when they revealed the pirate ship on camera, on the other hand, Josh Brolin was so shocked they dropped an S-bomb, which meant the scene had to be reshot.


    When the kids reach the bottom of the water slide and discover One-Eyed Willy's boat, everyone is very surprised. Donner had denied the child actors access to the huge soundstage that the entire pirate ship was built on.


    The scene also referenced a deleted scene in which Stef and Mouth are attacked by an octopus after escaping from One-Eyed Willy's boat.


    At the end of the film, during the interview with journalists, Data mentions that the octopus was very scary. 



    This is not official merchandise and is not intended to be passed off in any way as being an officially licensed t-shirt.

    We create original designs to pay homage to pop culture references in our own unique way.

    Deluxe Scoop Neck T-Shirt Size Guide

    Garment Size Chest (inch | cm) Length (inch | cm)
    8-10 34 | 76 27 | 64
    10-12 36 | 86 28 | 66
    12-14 38 | 96 29 | 68
    14-16 40| 106 30 | 70
    16-18 42 | 116 31 | 72

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